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Traditionally, industrial robots and automation have been limited by their complexity and cost to mainly serve large scale manufacturing. But things are changing. We’re here to bring the benefits of robots and automation to everyone. By leveraging the power of collaborative robots and graphical programming, we provide custom solutions that are safe, easy to reconfigure and quick to implement.
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We design and build a complete system specifically for your automation challenge.
Having built custom automated robotic systems for years, we have a few tricks up our sleeves – and we are willing to share them with you. With our flexible approach, we will do as much or as little as you need us to.
We specialize in LabVIEW and robotics training, but we can customize training to your specific needs. We will come to your facility and train one person, a group, or even several shifts.
If your current system is causing you problems, let us help you.

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collaborative robot integration

Thinkbot Solutions is a collaborative robot integrator and consulting company based in Austin, Texas. Our services range from complete system development to hourly consulting. We are a Preferred System Integrator for Universal Robots and a National Instruments Alliance Partner.

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